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Toshi Odate lives and works in the United States as a sculptor and shokunin, master artisan. Apprenticed at age of sixteen to become a Tategu-shi, sliding door maker, Odate-san has spent his life pursuing his craft and sharing his knowledge. He has conducted seminars on Japanese woodworking and tools, taught sculpture and 3D design at Pratt Institute, and authored numerous articles for woodworking magazines as well as the two engaging titles below.

Japanese Woodworking Tools: Their Tradition, Spirit and Use by Toshio Odate is one of the few comprehensive English language texts on the subject. This work is replete with clear descriptions of a wide range of tools, from marking to sharpening including tangible information on their set-up and use. Woven into the text is a rich narrative of personal experiences as an apprentice and in later life, which illuminate the values and spirit of the shokunin, approach to their work and respect for the tools.

Making Shoji by Toshio Odate covers the function, design, joinery, tools and techniques needed to successfully create Japanese sliding screens. Included is a detailed description of a Shokunin’s approach and methodology to the selection, layout, and use of materials. Odate-san provides illustrations of all the major shoji forms, along with a thoughtful discussion of the adaptation of traditional designs to western settings.




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